Safety Films offer 24/7 protection from broken glass caused by accidents, vandalism, Mother Nature and forced entry.

We just completed another successful window film installation in Norman and this time it is security film instead of solar film. Security film is becoming a much requested product out of our Llumar window film products due to home invasions and robberies. This Norman customer moved here recently from the LA area where she had security film on her home. When she moved to Norman, Oklahoma, security film was one of the first things she wanted to make sure she had installed in her new home.  She told us she didn’t feel safe and couldn’t sleep at night until she had security film on her windows.

The film we installed on this Norman home was an 8 MIL film and completely clear…..You can’t even tell it is there. Not only will this window film help our Norman customer  with forced entry, it will also give her additional safety from wind borne debris along with hail stones and shattered pieces of glass becoming daggers that can cause serious injury. The Llumar safety and security film is engineered with powerful adhesives designed to keep the broken pieces of glass together and making it very difficult for someone to penetrate. With Llumar safety film being a totally transparent film and providing a powerful barrier that maintains the windows full structure it is a great choice for safety and peace of mind.

Check out this link for a great demonstration of safety film


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