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The Many Benefits of Glare Reduction Window Film for Your Norman Home

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glare reduction1While many of us in Norman and surrounding cities are trying to adjust to the “new normal”,  many people are now working from home..for now and maybe beyond. Now that you are spending more time at home, you are looking for ways to improve your comfort and productivity. One problem you may be experiencing in your Norman home is glare. Glare can be an issue for many homeowners year round. The best solution with reducing glare in your Norman home is with glare reduction window film from Norman Window Films.

There are many benefits that glare reduction film can offer. Glare reduction film does not block natural sunlight; therefore, your home remains nice and bright. Glare reducing clear window tint provides a clean aesthetic look that allows you to continue to enjoy the natural sunlight.

glare-reduction-window-film-ft-collinsStrong and excessive glare can cause health issues as well such as headaches and eye fatigue. When glare is reduced, screen viewing activities are much more enjoyable and productive. You will also enjoy better comfort with glare reduction window film. Movie nights and your favorite TV show can be enjoyed much easier.

Norman Window Film is proud to be considered the number one glare reduction window film contractors in the area. We are happy to visit with you virtually or come to your home for a free consultation. We partner with the leading window tint manufacturers such as Llumar and 3M so we can provide you with the best options for your Norman home or business.

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Window Tint That Won’t Change Your Norman’s Home Appearance

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Window tint for your Norman home are one of the best ways to minimize solar heat, conserve energy and protect your interior and furnishings. There are many window films that don’t change your home’s appearance, keeping windows looking clear and transparent while still providing all the great benefits.

Many homeowners believe that if you install window tint on your home, which means adding dark or “mirrored” film to their windows. Thanks to the great technology of today’s ceramic residential window film, there are many ways to have all the benefits of window film without changing the appearance of your home or windows at all.

Transparent, heat blocking Llumar and 3M window films are designed to specifically block out solar heat and block out 99% of the sun’s UV rays.

Ceramic, transparent residential window films contain micro-ceramic particles to coat the film. These particles are invisible to the naked eye but are highly effective at reducing harmful heat and UV rays. AS a result, your windows gain all of the benefits of a dark or “mirrored” reflective film without changing their exterior or interior appearance.

Window tinting in Norman, Oklahoma is our specialty. We would love to show you samples and even put a sample up in your Norman home so you can see what the film would look like on your window. Please give us a call today to learn more and schedule your free quote!


Privacy Window Tinting For Your for Norman Home

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privacyNorman Window Film gets many questions from customers about tinting their house windows for privacy. There is a lot of confusion about what exactly can be accomplished with residential window film so hopefully we can help clear things up a bit.

When customers call and ask about privacy film for their Norman home, they ask about getting dark tint, many times called “limo” tint. It is important to understand is no matter how dark the window film is,  you will still be able to see in at night when the lights are on. We also explain that dark films cause windows to absorb excessive heat and can damage the glass. This is the problem with using “limo” film on residential windows. Extremely dark film on home windows can be risky for this reason.

We like to offer to customers other options including one-way film. One-way film has a dark appearance on the inside, but has a mirror or silver appearance look on the outside which provides excellent privacy without damage to the glass.


Other options for residential privacy window tinting are to install a semi-metallic film for daytime privacy. You can see outside during the day, however, seeing outside at night will be limited. Another option would be to go with a decorative film such as a frost, whiteout or blackout film. These types of film offer privacy both day and night from both directions. Frosted and whiteout films are safe for interior application while blackout films can be safely applied to the exterior surface of the windows unless your glass is single-pane and tempered. Frosted films are great because they offer the privacy many customers are looking for while still allowing some natural light in.

Norman window film has hundreds of film options to help you achieve privacy in your home. We also have solar, security and decorative films as well. Give us a call and our experts will be happy to bring out our film catalogs and provide a free estimate.


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Can Safety & Security Film Protect Oklahoma Lake Homes From Severe Weather?

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High winds and severe weather can cause a lot of damage to homes and businesses throughout Oklahoma this time of year. When it comes to defending your home or lake home from Mother Nature, there are not a lot of preventative things you can do. Norman Window Film offers one tactic for protection for your Norman home or Oklahoma Lake home. Home Safety and Security film provides several benefits that property owners can benefit from.

Lake home security film provides many benefits including severe weather protection. Safety and security film bonds the glass fragments together after impact or breakage.  Glass fragments are one of the leading causes of serious injury or death.  When safety film is installed in your home, it adds strength and flexibility to the existing glass in the doors and windows.  In addition to protection from severe weather, it also offers the benefit of preventing home invasions. Safety film makes it much more difficult to gain access into your home; therefore, it works as a deterrent against invasions or burglaries.

Norman Window Film is the preferred residential and commercial security window film contractor for Norman as well as the entire state of Oklahoma. We have an expert sales staff and experienced, certified installers that provide a very professional installation experience.

For more information on safety/security film for your Norman home or Lake House, please contact us!


Not All Window Film is the Same…Choosing the Right Window Film for Your Home.

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Most home owners don’t realize that there are many different types of window film on the market. Different films offer different solutions.  When considering solar tint for home windows, it’s important to remember that some films are better suited for certain applications than others. Ask yourself these important questions…What is your primary concern? Is it to make your Norman home more energy efficient? Or perhaps, you are looking for additional privacy. Do you need to add an additional layer of security to your home? Are you looking to reduce the glare across your television or computer?

The window film experts at Norman Window Film are here to help you select the perfect film for your home. Solar film for home windows is very important this time of year as the temperatures are beginning to warm up. You don’t want to have to put up room darkening shades for relief from the sun. You can keep your home bright and open to all the great outdoor views with solar tint for your home windows. Solar film not only reduces heat and glares but also blocks out 99% of harmful UV rays which can cause skin cancer as well as fade floors and furnishings.  It’s really remarkable how much a micro-thin layer of film can improve daily life.

Windows in your Norman home are great for letting in natural sunlight and for providing great views. However, they can also bring discomfort instead of pleasure if they are causing your home or specific rooms to heat up.  So if you are feeling uncomfortable in your home, look at your windows. Next, look for the right film to solve your problem…we can help you with that!

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Security Window Film During This Time of COVID 19

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covid1 threat of theft and intrusionWe all know this is an unprecedented time in our world, nation, state and city. Many businesses have either been forced to close or have chosen to shelter in place and temporarily close their doors. The result of this is hundreds of businesses are unoccupied and unguarded.

There have many stories on the news about the possibility of unrest in the cities if this continues for a long time. Will people resort to criminal activity like theft; we can hope and pray not.

There is something you can do for your Norman business in the meantime. You can take steps to protect your business by installing security window film. Many studies show that criminals are far more likely to break into a building or store front if they believe there is a good chance of getting away with it.

Security window film is a great option for small businesses because it is very affordable AND very effective.  Security window film is a tear resistant film that dramatically slows down and sometimes totally stops criminals from getting inside. It is something Norman small business should consider during these historical times of unrest and uneasiness.

The interior of the restaurant Balthazar in New York. All bars, restaurants and nightclubs were ordered shut by Governor Cuomo, effectively putting New York City under lockdown to combat the COVID-19 coronavirus. NYC, March 17, 2020.

Give us a call today and we can provide a quote via by phone or email if you prefer.  Norman Window Film is your source for all of your window tinting needs in Norman, security film is just one of our specialties.

Let our experts at Norman Window Film give you peace of mind!

Decorative Window Film Ideas for Your Norman Commercial Property

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decorative4Norman retail shops and storefronts can incorporate decorative film into their ad space – business owners can advertise, promote and increase brand awareness. Decorative film is great in Norman museums and art galleries for art curation, graphics, kid spaces and upcoming event promotion. Office spaces throughout Norman can also utilize decorative film as privacy solutions.

Commercial decorative window films from Norman Window Films are highly customizable and can incorporate logos and branding while offering privacy in conference rooms or other work spaces. Decorative film is perfect for updating an older commercial space because it provides a very affordable way to improve and update your space. Window film installation is very easy and can be done in just a few short hours.

decorative1For Norman homeowners who enjoy redecorating on a regular basis, decorative film is a very easy to remove and replace by our professional and certified installers. We have decorative film that looks like etched or frosted glass but only a fraction of the price. It is perfect for a bathroom space, bedroom, study or any part of your home that needs a face lift.

The possibilities are endless for projects we can help you create with decorative window film for your commercial or residential space.

Give us a call today to learn more and to get your free estimate!


Save Money on Your Energy Bill

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Have you heard about energy efficient window film, Norman? We would like to tell you about it because it is a product that will pay for itself very quickly. Solar window film is a high performance, low maintenance product that saves home owners money every month. The savings comes in their lower heating and cooling bills.

Applying window tint or window film to your Norman, OK home, allows Norman homeowners the ability to lower their constantly climbing energy costs as well as lower their carbon footprint. Some homeowners are even reporting savings as great as 50%!

When it comes to energy efficient window film, Norman Window Film offers the highest quality products from the window film industry leaders such as Llumar and 3M. These films can be virtually clear or have a tint and they control the heat from the sun by blocking it from heating up your windows and heating up your home. When this happens, interiors remain cooler and your AC has to work less. The bigger the windows, the more sunlight comes in, therefore, even more savings will be seen.

Window tint in Norman, OK is becoming very popular because residents are realizing all the benefits. In addition to the energy savings, window film offers 99% UV protection as well. Since UV rays cause fading to flooring, furnishings, art and other interiors, it makes great since to add it to your windows to protect your investment.

Norman Window Film has many years of experience helping customers save money on their energy costs. We have even had customers say the film is free because it pays for itself in a short time – Now Free Is Always a Good Thing!

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Window Tinting for UV Protection

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sun protection1I am starting to experience the winter blues or winter blahs. Whatever you want to call it, I am ready for spring, summer and SUN! With the warmer temperatures and more exposure to the sun with the new seasons approaching, you probably put on sunscreen when you spend the day outside. However, how often do you protect yourself from sun exposure when you are hanging out inside your house?

There is more and more evidence showing it is still possible to be exposed to even low-level UV rays when you are inside your home or office through a window. This may not seem like a big deal to you but over time, damage can accumulate quickly and can have harmful health issues for you.

There have been several studies that found people who spend a lot of time in their cars or by windows with no protection are more likely to develop skin cancer on the side of their face or body that is exposed.

Invest in Window Tinting For Your Home, Office or Car

So we know it is possible to get sun damage through a window, however, you can protect yourself and your family even if you don’t have on sunscreen. Window film for your home, office or car blocks out over 99% of the harmful UV rays and has been highly recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as an important part of a total skin care protection program.

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The great news is, we have films that are virtually clear so you won’t have to change the appearance of a window but you are still being protected. All of our films are installed by our certified and experienced installers which makes it very easy for you to protect yourself from UV damage.

We would love to help you protect yourself and those people most important to you!

An Invisible Shield of Protection

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Safety Films offer 24/7 protection from broken glass caused by accidents, vandalism, Mother Nature and forced entry.

We just completed another successful window film installation in Norman and this time it is security film instead of solar film. Security film is becoming a much requested product out of our Llumar window film products due to home invasions and robberies. This Norman customer moved here recently from the LA area where she had security film on her home. When she moved to Norman, Oklahoma, security film was one of the first things she wanted to make sure she had installed in her new home.  She told us she didn’t feel safe and couldn’t sleep at night until she had security film on her windows.

The film we installed on this Norman home was an 8 MIL film and completely clear…..You can’t even tell it is there. Not only will this window film help our Norman customer  with forced entry, it will also give her additional safety from wind borne debris along with hail stones and shattered pieces of glass becoming daggers that can cause serious injury. The Llumar safety and security film is engineered with powerful adhesives designed to keep the broken pieces of glass together and making it very difficult for someone to penetrate. With Llumar safety film being a totally transparent film and providing a powerful barrier that maintains the windows full structure it is a great choice for safety and peace of mind.

Check out this link for a great demonstration of safety film