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sun protection window film okc

Where to Apply Window Film in Your Norman Home to Reduce Heat!

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sun protection window film okc

The sun can get HOT in Oklahoma in the summer! We often get temperatures rise into the 100’s – yikes! When this happens, you can literally feel the heat coming through those windows and glass doors. As you already know, there are certain windows that are more affected by this heat than others.

These are the windows that can benefit from a heat-reducing window film.

South and West Facing Windows:

Windows facing south and west get more sun than your other windows. Heat reducing or sun protection film stops the transfer and keeps these areas cooler in your Norman home or office space.

Home Office Windows:

Offices in our homes are usually a little smaller and heat can radiate through these windows with no place to escape. This makes for a work space that is not comfortable and probably not very productive. Windows in home offices are great windows for heat reducing window film.

heat reducing window film

Windows near Home Electronics:

Most home electronics such as TV’s computers and speakers can break or be damaged with excessive heat. Therefore, windows near home electronics are perfect windows to apply window film.

For more information on heat reducing and sun protection window film, contact Norman Window Film today!

fade protection window film

Fade Prevention Window Film Protects Your Norman Home From the Sun!

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fade protection window film

It’s Like Sunscreen for Your Furnishings!

Cloudy days are not too common in Norman, Oklahoma. Thankfully, the sun shines on a regular basis here. Although the sun lifts our spirits, it can also do serious damage to your home and your property. Those harsh UV rays can cause your flooring, art, and upholstered furnishings to fade and look worn and dull prematurely.  Window film on your Norman home’s windows can help! When looking for residential window film in Norman, fade prevention film is at the top of the list!

Fade Prevention Window Film Blocks UV Rays

fade prevention window film

Installing fade protection film on your windows and doors blocks more than 99% of the sun’s damaging UV rays from coming through the glass of your windows. Those rays are responsible for the fading of your upholstery, floors and artwork.  The great news is it does all this without blocking the natural light you love so much or without changing the appearance of your windows. In fact, it can be virtually invisible.

Window tinting in Norman has become very popular the least few years and fade prevention film is a large part of that popularity.  This type of residential window film not only blocks those UV rays but also protects against excessive heat.  Heat can damage your interior as well. It causes the materials to break down and greatly reduces the life span of your interior furnishings. The right window film on your Norman home preserves the condition of your home and your decorations.

Learn more about fade prevention window film.

security window film

Innovative Security Film Solutions for Your Norman Home in 2021

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Unfortunately, criminals have a way of striking when you least expect it. Did you know that the most vulnerable part of your Norman home is not the door but the windows? Even the strongest locks won’t keep thieves and vandals from breaking the glass. The best option to increase your Norman’s home security is to install safety and security film on your Norman home. Here are a few of the best and most innovative types of security films Norman Window Film recommends.

Clear Safety and Security Films

The great thing about clear security film is it is virtually invisible and will not change the appearance of the glass or the amount of the natural light you get indoors. These films strengthen the glass itself. If anyone tries to break the glass, the film will make the glass harder to break. Even it cracks or shatters, the security film will hold the glass in place, making it very difficult for criminals to get inside.

clear security film

Solar Security Films

If you are looking for not only extra protection but also heat and glare reduction then Solar Safety Films are a good choice. These films are lightly tinted to block glare and keep the sun from heating up your homes interior. Like clear safety film installed in your Norman home, these films will make glass harder to break.

Protect your Norman Home the Smart Way

Installing security window film on your Norman property is a simple way to keep your home or business safer. Schedule a free estimate with our experts today at Norman Window Film. Contact us.


llumar safety film

security window film for homes

Best Security Film for Your Norman Home in 2021

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security window films okcToday, in order to protect your home, it’s no longer enough to just lock your doors. Intruders are getting smarter with each passing year. If you want your Norman home to be safe and secure, you’ve got to invest in the right additional layer of security.

Installing security window film for your Norman home is one effective way of protecting your home from outside dangers. These durable safety and security window films protect glass areas, like doors and windows and make them harder to break in.

Security window film is an investment and a worthwhile one. If you choose to make this investment, it’s important to not waste your money on a poor quality film. Norman Window Film only offers and installs top quality window film such as 3M and Llumar Window Films.

LLumar is one of the most trusted brands of window film on the market. These films are effective and reliable. With Llumar Solar Safety and Security Film, you can have heat rejection and security at the same time!

3M is also one of the better known film manufacturers. The 3M Scotchshield Ultra Safety and Security Window Film is an excellent choice as well.

Safety and Security film is virtually clear and cannot be detected by the eye. However, it is very strong and can prevent breakage and if the window is broken, it will slow the intruder down to give time to get help. Security film protects against break ins, severe weather and high Oklahoma winds as well as accidents.

Let Norman Window film help you protect your home and family with Safety and Security Film. Our installers are certified security film installers and have over 25 years experience. We offer free estimates and would love to help you learn more.

safety window film okc