Windows are important for energy efficiency as well as security. However, with the many historic buildings we have in Norman, replacing older windows is not always a good idea. The goal, many times, is to preserve the original architecture and historic elements of the building. If you are looking for another option to window replacement, consider window film for your historic Norman property.

Windows are often an important feature in older buildings.  They may have a unique shape or trim. In this type of situation, replacement should be avoided if possible. Preserving these older windows is ideal. This is where window film can help! You can install window film for your Norman historic property and retrofit your existing windows instead of replacing them.

Benefits of window tint for your Historic Property:

Energy Efficiency: – Window film improves the energy efficiency of historic buildings by reducing heat gain in the summer and heat loss in the winter. This reduces energy costs and makes the environment more comfortable.

Increased Comfort: Window film reduces glare and blocks out infrared rays. This makes the interior of the building more comfortable for the occupants.

Reduced Fading: By blocking the harmful UV rays, window film can also help reduce the fading of the interiors such as flooring, fabrics, carpets, and art.


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