Reflective Window Film

Does Reflective Window Film Block Out Heat?

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Windows are a very important component of how our Norman homes and offices look and feel. They make the space open, airy, and bright. However, these windows can also heat up a room and make it very uncomfortable during the hot Oklahoma summers. This usually leads you to turn up the AC which will make your energy bill go through the roof. What do you do?

Reflective Window Film

Instead of pulling the drapes or blinds, modern window film technology allows you to keep those blinds up, keep your views of the outside and still keep your space cool and comfortable. When our customers are trying to decide on window film, they often wonder if reflective window film blocks the heat.

The answer is YES! Reflective window film blocks a significate amount of heat. In fact, it provides the maximum heat rejection and Norman Window Film offers many types of reflective solar rejection window film.

Reflective Window Film

Reflective Window Film blocks up to 82% of the heat and there are many options from reflective window film, dual reflective film, and one-way window film. Reflective window film offers heat rejection, glare reduction, UV protection as well as privacy.

What is Reflective Window Film?

Reflective Window Film

Reflective window film is a type of window film that reflects light and heat away from the glass. It prevents the solar heat from coming through by reflecting it back away. It is pretty simple and a great technology.

There are many different types of reflective film so to learn more about your options give us a call and let one of our experts help determine the perfect solution for your Norman home or office.

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