Most people consider their homes their greatest pride and joy, well aside from their children, of course. Thus, making sure their homes are well-kept and maintained is their top priority. Taking care of our homes goes beyond vacuuming, cleaning the kitchen, dusting, and organizing everything. It is important that all aspects of our homes are well taken care of. 

One of the most important but sometimes neglected parts of the cleaning process in our homes is keeping our windows pristine. Most of us probably have window films installed as they are effective in reducing glare, particularly on large windows. Window films are also a great way to save on energy costs as they can help with heat control in our homes, it’s like having an insulator installed. It keeps the heat out during the summer and helps retain the heat in the winter. 

Did you know that window tint for house windows also helps preserve furnishings that are caused by the solar heat that passes through the windows? Thus, adding extra care to your window films will make your home more comfortable and immaculate. Giving that proper TLC to your window films will surely make them last longer and in good condition. There are actually proper ways to clean window films, and this could make or break them, so better take down notes for this.

The first thing you need to know about residential window tinting is that there is a time frame between the installation and cleaning of your window films. It is best to wait a couple of weeks after installation before doing your first cleanup. There is a time period for the window to “cure”. This means that the film is still drying and may look smeared or foggy. This is normal and doesn’t rush in cleaning this up. 

When it’s time to clean your window films, don’t get too excited and use anything you see as a cleaning material. Most people often think that you can use normal cleaning solutions for window films. Well, if you want your window film to actually last for years, stay away from harsh chemical cleaning products and make your own cleaning solution instead. The good thing is that all the ingredients for your magic cleaning spray can be found in your kitchen cupboard.

You only need distilled water, mild liquid dish soap or baby shampoo, and a spray bottle to whip up the perfect cleaning solution on the window tint for house windows. If you must use a commercial solution, always check if it is ammonia free as ammonia can damage the tint. 

Spray the solution on the window films and use a microfiber cloth to remove spots or stains. After washing your window, use a rubber squeegee to wipe them dry. Move the squeegee from top to bottom and side to side, swiping everything but making sure that water will not get through the film which could lead to bubbling problems. Also, the important thing to remember is to clean your windows during the cooler part of the day, early in the morning or late in the afternoon as it is not ideal to clean them when the film is hot. Ask experts for residential window tinting for the best tips on how to clean window films to make them last longer.