Whether you are buying a new house or improving your current home, window films should be part of the entire improvement. Not just protecting your family from the sun’s rays but also giving you privacy. But how do we know it’s time to replace your window film? Checking out residential window tinting can be a great help and we’re going to discuss in this article the signs when it’s time to replace window tint for house windows.

1. Fading Color or Discoloration

The UV rays from the sun cause a chemical reaction to the tinted film’s dye as time goes by. This lightens the window tinting into purplish over time. In addition, discoloration happens because yellow dyes are more volatile than red and blue and will be the first to leave leaving a purple dye mixture behind. Most residential window tinting companies prevent their films from turning purple by matching the fade times of individual dye so they will fade at the same rate as the red and blue dyes. 

2. Visible Air Pockets and Bubbles

The heat slowly breaks down the film’s adhesive and air pockets may form, thus bubbles. Sometimes, bubbles came from poor installation also. If the installer leaves too much mounting solution under the film, air pockets will develop as the liquid evaporates.

3. Cracking

Heat and visible light cause sun damage and make the window film turn brittle. A crack happens when the window absorbs an impact.

4. Peeling and Scratches

Prolonged heat exposure causes peeling on the window film. It is because the film’s adhesive chemicals break it down slowly. The film may start to lift around the edges or near racks through time. Scratches caused by external factors are also signs that your window tint needs a new one.

5. Your furniture and carpets are fading

This may sound unrelated but you know your window tints are not working if you are seeing the furniture and carpets start to fade. It simply means that the sun rays have bypassed the window tint which is supposed to be the protection. Avoid any worst-case scenario and start to contact your trusted company for window tint for house windows.

Window tints should be included in the utmost priority list for the house. It is better to stay protective especially when we are inside our house.  Investing in residential window tinting might sound costly but think of its long-term effect on your pocket. 

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