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The Different Types of Window Tint For Businesses

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Window tinting is not just for your home. Window film has many benefits for office buildings as well. If you are thinking about adding building window tint, there are several types of film for you to consider.

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The benefits of window tinting for your Norman office include increasing your employees and customers comfort and productivity as well as increasing safety and security. You will also love the return on your investment as window film helps with the energy costs.

The right commercial glass tinting can also protect people and your interior décor from harmful UV rays.

The following guide will explain the different types of window tint and help you decide which film is right for your business.

Solar/Energy Efficient Films

Window film in your office building or commercial space cuts down on the heat and glare and also reduces your energy consumption which saves you money on your utility bill as well as reduces your carbon footprint. This film not only helps in the summer but effectively locks heat inside during the colder months. Most companies find they have paid for their investment in the first 2 years, now that is a great return.

Safety and Security Films

Window film not only helps you save money and keep you comfortable but it also can make your business safer and more secure. From break ins to workplace shootings, there are more reasons than ever for businesses to make their environment more secure. Safety film helps to deter would be criminals and give you and your employees extra time to get to safety.

Decorative Film

Decorative film comes in many different types, colors and patterns. Decorative film can significantly improve your Norman building’s design, offer privacy and help to control the brightness in each space.

Some of the decorative film options include frost film, patterns, colored tint, textured film and gradient film.

Let Norman Window Film help you with your window tinting needs for your office building. Building window tinting is becoming very popular and once you see all the benefits, you will know why!

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Window Tinting for UV Protection

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sun protection1I am starting to experience the winter blues or winter blahs. Whatever you want to call it, I am ready for spring, summer and SUN! With the warmer temperatures and more exposure to the sun with the new seasons approaching, you probably put on sunscreen when you spend the day outside. However, how often do you protect yourself from sun exposure when you are hanging out inside your house?

There is more and more evidence showing it is still possible to be exposed to even low-level UV rays when you are inside your home or office through a window. This may not seem like a big deal to you but over time, damage can accumulate quickly and can have harmful health issues for you.

There have been several studies that found people who spend a lot of time in their cars or by windows with no protection are more likely to develop skin cancer on the side of their face or body that is exposed.

Invest in Window Tinting For Your Home, Office or Car

So we know it is possible to get sun damage through a window, however, you can protect yourself and your family even if you don’t have on sunscreen. Window film for your home, office or car blocks out over 99% of the harmful UV rays and has been highly recommended by The Skin Cancer Foundation as an important part of a total skin care protection program.

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The great news is, we have films that are virtually clear so you won’t have to change the appearance of a window but you are still being protected. All of our films are installed by our certified and experienced installers which makes it very easy for you to protect yourself from UV damage.

We would love to help you protect yourself and those people most important to you!