One of our most prized possessions is our home and what is inside of it. Aside from valuables that we keep inside our homes, keeping our family safe is our utmost priority. As the holidays are a season of joy, it should be a time to enjoy the festivities and relax with the people we love. As we are busy with shopping, decorating, and cooking delicious foods, it is important that we also prioritize safety while also having fun. Who doesn’t want a worry-free holiday, right?

If you want your home to be set for holiday safety, taking simple steps will prevent any possible mishaps during one of the most important events of the year. Here are ways to keep your home secure during the holiday festivities:

Ensure all doors and windows are locked

No matter if you’re at home or doing a few errands outside, make sure that every door and window inside the house is properly locked. It is also best to invest in a crime-safe security door that is highly durable and can secure your home from potential break-ins. And no matter how much of a hassle it is, always make sure to close and lock your garage door. 

Install window films 

You may not know it but installing window films does not only protect you from harmful UV rays, but it can also add extra safety to your home and prevent potential break-ins.  As a window tint for house windows has the ability to hold glass together, it can provide extra measures of security. Residential window tinting could also prevent potential burglars from seeing inside the house, which can provide deterrence from potential break-ins. 

Check all Christmas lights, furnaces, and chimneys

The holiday season is also fire season as a number of accidents are caused by faulty Christmas lights, furnace overheating, and dirty chimneys. Before getting into your holiday vibes, it is best to inspect first your furnace and chimneys to make sure that they are working well. Also, check your Christmas lights to see if the cord is not damaged or frayed, particularly if you will be reusing it from previous holidays. 

Invest in a home security system

For extra protection of your home, aside from window tint for house windows, a home security system will surely keep potential intruders away. Install alarms, security cameras, and motion sensors around the house which will give you peace of mind particularly if you’re away from your home. Exterior lights that are motion sensitive will surely ramp up your home security as this would scare off potential burglars. 

Consider trimming your hedges

You may be busy with shopping, baking, and doing errands during the holidays but it is important to set aside time to trim the hedges around your home. Potential burglars can hide in your overgrown hedges and trees and wait for an opportunity to break into your home.  

Keeping your home safe all throughout the year and not only during the holidays should be one of your priorities. You may not know it, but residential window tinting is effective in keeping burglars out. Just ask the experts in residential window film installation. Check out this link.